Promotions, discounts, gifts

For all products with this icon:

  • if You buy one promotional merchandise — 10% discount;
  • if You buy two promotional product, the more expensive the position You get 10% discount, and less expensive — 20%
  • if You buy three promotional goods, at the highest position, You get a 10% discount on the average price a 20% discount on the least expensive item in the order — 30% discount

All products involved in this action You can see HERE 

On all products with this icon have a 50% discount , provided that the order has at least one product is more expensive than chosen.

Discounts are not cumulative.

Attention! The price on the website are no discounts!

With every purchase of the following items with this icon, the total discount on all promotional items with this icon increases by 5 percent. Maximum discount is 25%!

Discounts for regular customers

For each second and subsequent purchases in our online store — 5% discount.

Each fifth and subsequent purchases in our online store — 10% discount.

Discounts are saved, provided that between the previous and subsequent purchases not more than 90 days.

If, after Your last purchase has been more than 90 days, You can expect a discount if You send and would like to publish Your photo, where You are sealed in clothing, previously purchased from our online store.

Discounts are not cumulative.

Attention! The price on the website are no discounts!


When buying your outfit with this icon You get a gift of$ 20 to buy jewelry! Indian jewelry to choose along here:

With the purchase of two wedding Indian suits: lehenga (Lenga) choli and sherwani — gift - wedding photoshoot.

When buying saris, lehenga sarees, lehenga choli and Chania choli — the gift of Bindi (decoration for forehead).

Free shipping

When ordering in the amount of 40,000 rubles or more, shipping to any country of the free.

In Ukraine shipping besplatna when ordering for any amount.

Photo contest

From 23 February to 8 March 2015 for clients of the online store held a photo contest. To cast your vote for one of the contestants was in our group .

The winner of the contest and won the prize was the contestant with the highest number of votes of the members of the group

Details on the group's wall .

2018-01-20 20:15:23

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