Quality. Reviews about the online store www.modnaya-odejda.com/en

We offer Indian clothes of European quality. Perhaps we are even now the only online store that offers quality Indian clothes. :-)

You can read the reviews or leave your feedback) on our FACEBOOK pages (www.vk.com), clicking on links:

- if you ordered Indian sari —http://vk.com/sarees

- if You ordered wedding suits for men - http://vk.com/mujskie_svadebnye_kostyumy

- if you ordered a suit for a boy —http://vk.com/kostyumy_dlya_malchikov

- if you ordered evening dresses —http://vk.com/naryadnye_platya_dlya_devochek and http://vk.com/vechernie_platya_2013

- if you ordered long dresses —http://vk.com/dlinnye_platya

- if you ordered short dresses —http://vk.com/club84232481

- if you ordered summer tunics —http://vk.com/modnye_tuniki_2015

2017-01-15 12:16:50

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