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The wholesale price depends on how many goods you buy (minimum — 5), in what sizes, in what price range … If you want to make a wholesale order, write to our e-mail a letter in which you will inform the SKUs of the models that interest you, the required quantity for each model, the dimensions for each model. Write the dimensions in the format you are used to. You will then receive wholesale prices that will only be valid for this order.

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2017-01-15 12:16:50

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  1. Феруза

    мне нужны восточные платья оптом,от 10-20 шт

    • Магазин индийских товаров Modnaya-Odejda

      Здравствуйте, Феруза. Ответили на указанный email.

  2. keziban

    ben toptan urun almak istiyorum
    yardimci olurmusunuz


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